Tanzania Resilient!

Designed in partnership with Pablo Suarez and Janot Mendler de Suarez for the World Bank, Tanzania Resilient aims to teach social safety nets. The game does this through a farming simulation with parallel universes: one with The Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) and one without. In the world without TASAF, subsistence farmers constantly worry about droughts. The failure of producing crops can force the selling off of assets and wreck one's livelihood. TASAF reduces the risks of drought by providing additional income through labor and building of community assets. By providing this lifeline, the program aims to graduate people from poverty and smooth consumption.

The game is played with each player assuming the responsibilities of a household. Players sit across from their identical household. The one exception is that one household is able to enroll in TASAF while the other is not. Each round they play through a year, choosing what to plant and how they want to invest their money. Players are also able to build community assets that adapt to a changing climate.

The game has been played in Tanzania by employees of TASAF. The next step is to take the game directly to farmers as a means of promotion and education about the program.